Abbie Gaiger

Abbie Gaiger Logo Geometry, symmetry, bold lines and sharp forms are all central to Abbie’s work and design philosophy. Drawing inspiration from the striking repetitive nature of succulent plants and the contrasting architectural structures of the terrariums and glasshouses that often house them, she abstracts these forms and lines into wearable statement fashion and jewellery pieces.

Combining unconventional new materials and processes, traditional metal skills, and a pop of bright colour, Abbie’s pieces are striking and graphic while maintaining an element of delicacy and lightness. Hand pierced metal shapes are scored and folded into symmetrical forms, which form a base for layers of laser-cut acetate. Powder coating and manipulated photographic prints add the all-important element of colour, giving the pieces a playful and fashion-forward edge.

Abbie’s work strives to be statement-making, innovative and unconventional, while remaining wearable, playful and colourful.

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