BCU graduate wins 1st prize in the Bangkok Projection Mapping Contest

Congratulations are in order for BCU Graphic Communication graduate Prapavee Vaidyanond, who recently won first prize at the Bangkok Projection Mapping Contest. We talk to Prapavee about Projection Mapping and her experience as an International student at BCU.

Image of Prapavee Vaidyanond's artwork at BPMC2021 on East Asiatic Building

What was the competition about?

As part of the Bangkok Design Week 2021 the competition supported the modern media design industry.

What is projection mapping and why is it important?

Projection Mapping is video projection technology where videos are mapped onto a selective surface, it creates a new experience through visual stimulation allowing audiences to engage with scenes created by designers. The Projection mapping scenery in Bangkok has become widespread and advance, the contest held a lot of importance as it gave a lot of young designers like myself the opportunity to showcase and demonstrate their potential to the public.

What was your highlight of your time at BCU?

Higher education in the UK is quite different from my home country. If I had to talk about the best part of the course, it would be the whole experience of living in the UK. I was able to learn and have the opportunity to gain a better understanding of the industry and also have connections with my friends internationally.

Image of Prapavee Vaidyanond's artwork at BPMC2021 on East Asiatic Building

Prapavee’s overall experience at BCU gave her opportunity to join clubs such as Void and The Print Club where she developed additional skills to accompany her course. She felt that the university environment was very welcoming and she very much enjoyed her time throughout her studies.

Watch Prapawee's stunning visual display projected onto the palace of Giza.

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