Olanrewaju Shonubi

Media Production - MA

Olanrewaju discovered his love for broadcasting as a volunteer at his school’s radio station. BCU has helped him turn his hobby into a future career and he’s now co-hosted on a BBC radio, developed his portfolio and gained the confidence he needs to work in the industry.

"Applying for the Media Production course wasn’t a difficult decision for me, as I have always been interested in learning more about media and radio. I completed my undergraduate degree in psychology in Nigeria. However, I knew I wanted to explore my passion for Broadcasting and Journalism.

I was a volunteer on my school's radio station and wanted to build on this with a postgraduate degree that would help me strengthen my skillset. I decided to join the MA in Media Production at Birmingham City University because I believe broadcasting in Nigeria needs professionals with a broader understanding of contemporary radio practices, to fill important roles in the industry.

BCU seemed like a perfect fit for the learning experience I wanted, as it offers a very hands-on teaching style. In comparison to my undergrad experience in Nigeria, postgraduate study involves a lot more hands-on, practical work, which I find much more exciting. Plus, the classes are smaller, which allows me to socialise and work more with my peers and build stronger relationships.

My tutors were also very supportive and encouraging. Regular tutorials with my Course Leader and detailed assessment feedback made me more aware of my strengths and weaknesses and helped to plan personal development strategies for the future. Student support was also very helpful in my first semester, as they helped me with correct referencing for my assessments.

The modules on my course have given me an insight into the broadcasting industry. I now better understand a wide range of broadcasting skills and theory, beyond just sitting in front of a microphone. For example, one of my favourite modules was on Community and Development Radio, which I hadn’t really considered before. The module taught me how to set up and mange a community radio station, and the laws that govern this type of broadcasting. It really opened my mind to this type of broadcasting and showed me how impactful it can be.

With the world-class facilities and teaching provided by BCU, I’ve been able to produce ‘real world’ projects, like the podcast series I created for my final project. I was also featured on local BBC radio as a guest co-host for the evening show, which was a great experience. In my free time, I also joined Scratch Radio, the University’s student radio station, where I hosted the first ‘Afrobeats’ show in the history of BCU. I’ve been able to attend events like the ‘Charles Parker’ radio conference held at the University, which helped me to connect to more industry experts in the UK.

These experiences have helped me to build a strong CV and production portfolio. Not only is being a postgraduate student a great experience, but my time here has boosted my confidence in my abilities to be professional.

‘I am BCU’ is a mantra to me. It means I have become a part of something larger than myself - and that I am aligned to the positive mindset Birmingham City University encourages."