Ashlea Follows

Sports Journalism - (BA) Hons

As someone who always enjoyed being a sports spectator and enthusiast, Ashlea decided to embark on a career that would put her at the heart of bringing sports to consumers all around the world. She has had some amazing opportunities on the course so far and is passionate about encouraging more women to pursue Sports Journalism as a career.  

“I have always loved sport, but had no potential of a playing career, nor was I interested in one. From a young age, I got into football as it was something my dad always watched, and after going to my first game when I was about six or seven, I instantly fell in love. As I got older, I began to love other sports like athletics, netball, golf, basketball, and rounders. The London 2012 Olympics were what really got me interested and fascinated with other sports, watching all the different events live on the TV with my family was incredible!

My passion also came from school, I used to love my PE lessons both in primary and secondary school which is why I think I knew I wanted to do something sport related when I left sixth form. After sixth form, I began to research Sports Journalism and universities that offered the course and decided upon BCU.

The course has given me access to some incredible opportunities such as my lecturer putting me forward as a writer for a website, Prost International, where I am now Head of Women's Football.

Sports Journalism is a growing degree for women, and those working in the industry have often faced abuse and more pressure than their male counterparts. Personally, I've loved every second of my course. I'm not fazed at all by aspiring to a career in this profession, as it gives me the chance to focus on what I want to write about without having any real competition from the lads.

I’d love to encourage more women to get into sports journalism. My main message would be don’t be scared; even if you end up being the only girl on your course, it’s nothing to be worried about! You will have an incredible number of opportunities come your way, as so many companies are looking to get more women on board.

Studying at BCU has boosted my confidence. Since starting my degree, I've been required to do things I never thought I'd have the confidence to do. Usually, I hate the sound of my own voice on recordings, but after getting experience in the radio studios filming sports news bulletins in Parkside, I have pushed myself out of my comfort zone and really enjoyed the experience! Now, I use the TV studios regularly for my Live Newsroom module, which has meant being on camera as well as speaking for everyone to hear.

I also feel as though the course has set me up with the appropriate experience and knowledge to be able to get a job within the industry after I’ve graduated, which is relieving and exciting.

To me, I AM BCU means pushing yourself out of your comfort zone, striving to be the best, supporting others and most importantly setting an example and becoming an inspiration to other students which is what I hope I can be to my fellow female sports journalists who take up the course in the future.”