Emeka Okolie

Enterprise Systems Management - MSc

Emeka had a lifelong dream of working in a business consultancy based role. After completing an undergraduate and postgraduate degree already, he felt it was time to follow his passion. Fuelled by his interests in systems, applications and products (SAP) he returned to university to gain a Master’s degree in Enterprise Systems Management.

“Growing up in Nigeria I always thought about my future career. For my undergraduate degree I studied Accounting and Finance; however, I still had the intention of moving to a consultancy role in the future. After completing my first Master’s qualification in business at Birmingham City University, I worked for Severn Trent Water where I had the opportunity to get involved in a SAP Business System. My interest in SAP grew beyond measure and I decided to go back to BCU to study MSc Enterprise Systems Management.

Coming from a family of academics - my parents are both professors in foreign languages in Nigeria - it was very much the norm to undertake a postgraduate degree after completing my undergraduate studies. It’s safe to say that Enterprise Systems Management at BCU has been a perfect fit.

I did encounter some initial barriers when starting my Master's, such as funding, getting accustomed to the British weather and dealing with homesickness. To me when life hands you lemons we have to make lemonade out of its lessons. Thanks to this mantra, I have worked hard to be where I am today and overcome these barriers.

Postgraduate study requires a lot of independent work, more than is required at an undergraduate level. I also found it difficult fitting in my postgraduate commitments with my personal and work life, but with perseverance and unflinching commitment, I had a great postgraduate experience. It definitely helped that I had tremendous support from the lecturers, and by being able to talk to them or ask for help it made a big difference.

My postgraduate degree has improved my time keeping and project management skills. It has also taught me how best to use Gantt charts, SWOT/PESTLE Analysis and scenario planning. This has been extremely beneficial for me as they all play a vital role in my day to day work.

I am now working as a National Account Manager, and am looking to open my own business consultancy soon. I’m very lucky to be so passionate about what I do now; being able to work for major retailers in the UK, delivering value-adding projects is a focal part of what I do. My postgraduate research and presentations have all built upon my confidence, which is evident when I present to a room full of directors within my industry.

‘I AM BCU’ gives me a sense of belonging. My postgraduate study has helped mould me into the professional I am today. I’m so excited to see how my career and business aspirations continue to evolve.”

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