Improving BAME Student Achievement in the School of Law

Working to boost the achievements of black, Asian and ethnic minority (BAME) students within the University's School of Law.

A black lawyer standing confidently in a library


Research background

Statistical information from the 2017/18 LLB annual monitoring report shows that despite a high BAME students enrolment rate, the BAME progression and attainment figures for undergraduate law students are lower than the BLSS faculty and the University as a whole. There is a significant attainment gap between BAME students and their non-BAME counterparts. As a result, this project aims to contribute to improving academic achievement for BAME students in the Law School.

Funded by EDS in BCU.

Research aims

The project’s main objectives are:

  • To identify the factors impeding BAME students’ progression/retention/attainment within the Law School;
  • To generate informed data necessary for planning appropriate measures to support BAME students; and
  • Where appropriate, to introduce measures which contribute to addressing/mitigating identified barriers. 

Making changes and improving how we support students is a normal and expected function of all university lecturers. The results of this research will help towards providing appropriate support for BAME students in the Law School so that they can achieve better academically.

How is the research being carried out?

It is necessary that we collect direct data from BAME students. Hence, we will be organising focus group discussions.