English language and literature

REF 2014 Highlights

Stunning GPA increase from 2.05 in 2008 to 2.99 in 2014
Over 75% of outputs are internationally excellent or world leading
100% of impact deemed 'very considerable' or 'outstanding'


Andrew Kehoe (Director of Research in the School of English and REF2014 Unit of Assessment 29 Leader) talks about the Research Excellence Framework results and what they mean to the School of English.

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The School of English conducts research into English Literature, English Language and Linguistics, Theatre History and Philosophy, and is also home to creative writers. We have an impressive track record of funded projects and our work features regularly in world-leading academic journals and publishers' catalogues.

See our full UoA 29 submission on the REF website

Our internationally renowned WebCorp web search software provides examples of language in context for use in research and teaching, while our eMargin tool, designed for the collaborative annotation of electronic texts, is being used widely across the HE sector and beyond.

Although much of our research can be classified as 'pure', we have a strong track record of external engagement with schools, businesses, and arts organisations. Our Institute of Creative and Critical Writing is devoted to cultivating the literary arts and the life of ideas with public master classes, workshops and talks.

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