Navarra Nursing Summer School – Spain

BSc (Hons) Learning Disability Nursing

Thanks to the long-term cooperation between the School of Nursing at the University of Navarra and School of Nursing and Midwifery at BCU, a number of BCU students from all fields of nursing are offered an opportunity to attend one week Nursing Summer School (NSS) programme held in Pamplona, Spain.

In 2017, Sarah Davies, a Learning Disability Nursing student, attended the programme alongside three other students.

In 2018, Kush Lad and Zerina Ashig, Child Nursing students, were successful in securing funded places on the programme. They were also offered an opportunity to spend an extra week in the University Hospital to observe nursing practice in Spain.


Sarah Davie Spain

“For me, meeting so many people and learning about their different experiences of nursing and studying. I also enjoyed clinical visits and cultural experiences.” Sarah Davis, NSS 2017

“By meeting students from Spain, America and Ireland, we were able to compare degrees and health care services. I also enjoyed all the fun activities that involved learning about the history of Spain, the beach and other cultural activities. Being able to experience the opportunity of what working in a Spanish hospital involves compared to the UK, comparing both private and public.”  Zerina Ashiq, NSS 2018 

Differences between Spain and the UK

“There are a lot of similarities with Spain, in terms of the system however there are differences. Religion has such a strong influence in their systems, whether that’s academic, home or employment. It has influenced their focus in their care in hospitals. Birmingham is very multi-cultural compared to Pamplona. Birmingham celebrates diversity whereas the area we stayed in heavily influenced and celebrated by one culture. Nurses also did a lot of smaller procedures that we would not be able to do here such as inserting cannulas or removing tongue ties. It was a very insightful and valuable experience.” Kush Lad, NSS 2018


nevarra summer school “The experience has allowed me to become more confident and more likely to take on other opportunities and experiences. It has allowed me to improve my communication skills and be more aware of different cultural and personal values and difference, this will have a positive impact on my professional practice. Greater awareness has helped me be more creative when problem solving or managing situations. The experience has made me more passionate about nursing and my career and made me consider working abroad.” Sarah Davis, NSS 2017 

“I was able to practise the basic Spanish I had learnt previously. I gained confidence in trying new things, which took me out of my comfort zone, and experienced another country’s culture.” Zerina Ashiq, NSS 2018


“Make the most of every opportunity, get involved and meet as many different people as possible. Try and capture the experience in lots of ways to allow you to reflect on it and share it with others.” Sarah Davies, NSS 2017

“Definitely learn the basics of the language, do research into the country’s culture, customs and ways of living. Try to put yourself out there and make the most of every opportunity you have that will enhance personal and professional growth. Practise open mindedness and to laugh just as much as you learn. Spain is beautiful.” Kush Lad, NSS 2018

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