Student life in Birmingham

Studying health or social care in Birmingham

Birmingham is the largest local authority in Europe, serving a population of approximately 5.4 million people, providing a wealth of student placement and employment opportunities across the NHS and private health and social care sector. There are approximately 126,000 staff employed by the NHS in the West Midlands alone, across 46 NHS organisations including:

  • 19 NHS hospital trusts (including nine NHS foundation trusts)
  • six NHS mental health services trusts (including three foundation trusts)
  • 17 NHS primary care trusts
  • three community provider trusts
  • one NHS ambulance services trust.

There are careers available in a variety of health or social care settings across the entire region making it perfect for anyone taking their first step on the career ladder or looking for their next career move.

The city offers some great lifestyle choices, such as affordable housing, theatres, museums, lively night life, restaurants, bars and lots of culture.

Birmingham is leading on exports, inward investment is strong and the number of people wishing to relocate to the city is increasing. It is fast becoming the preferred place to live and work.

So whether you are just starting out, or a senior health or social care professional looking to make a difference to the lives of the local population, Birmingham has something to offer everyone.