Ruqia Bi

Adult Nursing - BSc (Hons)

Ruqia was worried what people would think of her when she started her course heavily pregnant. However the staff and students have welcomed her with open arms and given her options on study that make her feel like a valued member of the team. Now, she looks forward to continuing her course when she feels ready and is excited about what BCU can offer her.

“I always hoped to get into Birmingham City University. Out of my five interviews for adult nursing, I was mostly anxious about this as it was my number one choice. Having read so much about BCU, I just knew it was the place for me.

At the moment, my uni journey is yet to begin. Excitement and optimism is what I am feeling currently, as it's the first steps to a bright future. I had to defer my place from last year as I had a goal to buy a house, which I did successfully, and used the year constructively by working and saving up for university life. At the same time, I had an opportunity to become a senior care assistant in a nursing home, effectively helping me in my studies for when I began my degree.

I now have more news in my life as I’m expecting a baby. BCU tutors have been really supportive in terms of how to work around my pregnancy as I’m nearly due to have my baby. It’s been really important to me and has shown me my needs are valued. I was really worried about what other students and tutors would think about my pregnancy, however, so far I have been made to feel comfortable and normal like everyone else. I feel empowered and supported. It's an amazing feeling knowing that there are so many resources, facilities and help for students, allowing me to feel much more prepared and at ease.

I was made to feel part of the family instantly. Tutors and students were so caring, welcoming and helpful, made me feel so comfortable. I was really pleased with the enrolment and joining process. Because of this, ‘I AM BCU’ means to me, that BCU is me. The university, the library, the classrooms and lecture rooms, they are all a part of me now, and I am a part of them. It is my second home. For the duration of my course, and certainly after, I will still be BCU. It will be what makes me who I am.”

Nursing I AM BCU CTA

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