Kushbu Lad

Child Nursing - BSc (Hons)

Kushbu was just 16 when she became a mother and never considered attending university as an option for her. However, after having her daughter, she saw herself becoming a child nurse. To achieve this dream, she spent long nights studying for both her A-levels and GCSEs, as well as volunteering, working on weekends, as a single mother. She never looked back, as this has enabled her to achieve her dream at BCU, whilst taking advantage of the amazing international opportunities here.

“I never thought I would make it to university, it always felt like an unachievable dream to me. No one in my family has attended uni, so I thought it was out of reach for me too. However, once I decided I wanted to study Child Nursing, I went back to college and studied for two years. During this time, I also worked evenings and weekends, volunteered to get healthcare experience, all whilst balancing being a single mother to my two year old at the time. I had my daughter at the age of 16, two weeks before my GCSE’s so I never managed to complete them. Therefore, when studying for my A-Levels, I also had to study to get my basic requirements in GCSEs too.

I originally applied to a different university near my hometown, but  I received my college and GCSE results a week later than expected. Because of this, the university refused to wait so I was rejected at the last minute.  It was very upsetting, so I worked for another year and applied again, this time broadening my horizons and applying somewhere farther afield. I was successful and received an offer for interview here at BCU, receiving an unconditional offer straight away.  Having received this offer, I then had to choose between commuting to Birmingham and staying at home. However, as soon as I walked out of my interview, I knew that Birmingham City University was for me.

I am so proud of all of the international work that I’ve done as part of my degree. I found a new love for travel and have been able to participate in four overseas trips, the first of which I was able to take my daughter with me. These trips were offered and partially funded by HELS Go Abroad scheme and the International Office. I’ve had so many great experiences, from volunteering in Fiji with my daughter in first year to a nursing summer school and placement in Spain. I travelled to a language school in Taiwan during my second year as well as volunteering for an NGO in Peru in my third year.

In between, I am an international ambassador for the HELS faculty, which means I present to visitors at Open Days and pre-departure sessions on my experiences over my three years. During my second year, I also became a global mobility ambassador at the International Office, where I was able to meet like-minded students. We hosted a Go Abroad fair which was really successful and I was asked to support the UUKi standout campaign and present to a board of governors.

I was then invited to volunteer for the International Office during the BCU international summer school, allowing me to meet students from around the world, here in the UK. Further to this, I then volunteered during International Activities week as I loved being around international students, it was so much fun and we were awarded for our efforts too. Coming towards the end of this year, myself and some fellow students helped create the MEDLIFE society which I am currently Vice President for. I would never have achieved any of this without BCU, the University has given me more than I could ever dream of.

There have been difficulties along the way though, due to being a commuter I found it quite hard to fit in sometimes, as well as being a young mother. I found trying to gain experience, work and study a little overwhelming at times, as I wasn’t always able to do what everybody else was doing. However, I never once felt unwelcome, the students at BCU are so lovely.

Since starting at Birmingham City University, I think I’m a completely different person. I have matured and I like who I’m becoming. The travel has definitely allowed my mind-set to broaden. The best thing about BCU is that it truly is a diverse organisation. I love the fact that so many different people can come together in one place. I think that’s a beautiful thing.

To me, ‘I AM BCU’ represents pride. Since joining BCU, I feel much more confident and empowered. Coming towards the end of my degree, I feel so proud to be a part of Birmingham City University, with all the opportunities I have been given, I will forever be grateful.”


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