Eloise Taylor

Midwifery - BSc (Hons)

As soon as Eloise walked through the door at BCU, she felt like she fitted in. Whilst she could have gone to a university closer to home, BCU offered a very different course to other universities with the opportunity to travel abroad and broaden her skills and outlook.

"I had always wanted to go to university and completing a degree is currently the only way to become a qualified midwife. I lived in a small village in East Yorkshire and whilst I could have gone to a university closer to home, BCU offered a very different course to other universities. I was excited to move away from home and experience a busy and diverse city.  

Midwifery is a challenging course and life can sometimes get in the way but the staff here understand what you are going through. They are so kind and available to help whenever you need them. My personal tutor is only a phone call or email away and they’ll do what they can whether it is a concern with placement, academic studies or your health etc. The Students’ Union and ASK enquiry service are also available for any questions you might have.

As soon as I experienced BCU for the first time, I knew that it was the university I wanted to go to. The curriculum allows us to obtain an extra qualification - the newborn and infant physical examination (NIPE). Not all universities provide the chance to get this and it can make you more employable when applying for a job. The course also has a BFI accreditation, increasing our knowledge in infant feeding, another factor which can make us more employable.

Completing this course has been a real accomplishment for me. To care for and empower a woman and her family at such a life changing moment is such an honour. I love how Midwifery enables you to meet so many different people and create a positive pregnancy and the best birth experience for the woman.

One of my favourite moments was in my second year when I travelled to Nepal, Kathmandu for two weeks to work with families who live in such different circumstances to what we have in the UK. It was such an eye-opening experience that I will never forget, and has really shaped my own career.

I would never have been able to go on this trip without the encouragement and support of the university. The opportunity was part of our placement activities on the course. The world is your oyster really, as you can travel down the road to another trust, potentially where you next want to work, or half way across the world. I travelled on my own with Work the World – a company who organise overseas health placements - and learnt and grew personally. The Faculty’s Go Abroad grant is also on offer which makes this more doable financially.

The Midwifery Society is also a huge highlight for me. As part of this, I have organised an interactive bereavement study day called Beyond Bea, after we successfully applied for funding to run the event. I am so proud, as bereavement care is not addressed very much in our curriculum however is a very important topic. The society is great too as we have recently organised pub quizzes and educational sessions. It’s lovely to socialise with different cohorts and year groups of student midwives.

This university really is a community. I’m proud to tell people ‘I AM BCU’. I have met some of the most kind and inspirational people here and have gained a wealth of knowledge. I’ve achieved so much and wouldn’t have completed the extra-curricular activities I have without the opportunities and support from this uni."

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