Learning support

We have a wide range of facilities designed to help you be successful and support you in achieving your full potential. Our skills rooms provide the opportunity to practice practical skills in a safe and supported learning environment. We use simulation, online resources and virtual cases to explore the theory underpinning your practice in the placement areas.

Mental health and well-being

Support ranges from help with academic writing and numeracy skills with our Academic Development Department to mental health and wellbeing services and advice. Our mental health and wellbeing services offer advice whether you are thinking about applying to university, are in the process of applying or currently studying here.

Mental health and well-being support 

Disability and mental health advisers

Our Disability and Mental Health Advisers offer advice, information and practical support to all students with a disability, medical condition, illness, mental health condition or specific learning difficulty, such as dyslexia.

Disability support  

Each placement area will have a dedicated education person who is your point of contact whilst you are there. They work closely with our Child Placement Support Team to help you navigate any concerns and make the most out of your learning experiences.

TiP - Theory into Practice

Theory into practice is our award winning placement support initiative. Our lecturers are out in practice each week providing additional skills and helping you to apply crucial theory to practice in the place it happens!

Theory into Practice