How and when do I know where I am going for my placement?

We aim to release information relating to placements on the Allocation Reports section at least four-six weeks in advance. Please log into the Allocation Reports section using your student ID to view your placements (needs a University login to access).

I've seen where I'm allocated to, what do I do now?

You should contact your placement area at least 10 days before you are due to start. You need to introduce yourself and enquire about your working arrangements.

If you wish, you could ask if it would be possible to make a visit before you start your allocation. This will give you the opportunity to arrange your transport, find out exactly where the work area is situated, possibly meet your mentor and view the working environment.

Where do I get the phone number and address of my placement?

Details of addresses and phone numbers are available in the Placement Directory.

There is a bank holiday during my placement. Do I get the day off?

In a word, no.

If you are rostered to work you must do so. However, if the work area you are allocated to happens to be closed, then you may take the day as a study day. All the bank holidays are taken into account when your programme is devised, so you are not missing out.

What shifts will I have to work?

Students are required to work the shift patterns in line with their placement area. This was highlighted at your interview on to the programme.

How many hours do I have to work?

You must work 37.5 hours per week, or 75 hours over two weeks (some work areas do their off-duty roster on a fortnightly basis).

I have lost my placement document. What do I do?

If you have lost your document you will need pay a charge to replace this. You will need to call 0121 331 7008 to arrange for the purchase and collection.

Practice Placement Resource Pack £25.00

Ongoing Achievement Record £10.00

Practice Documents £5.00

I am unable to attend my placement today, what do I do?

You must visit the Student Absence Reporting section of our iCity and your placement area with the details of your absence and your expected date of return. As soon as you are fit to work, you must update Student Absence Reporting and your placement again to confirm your return.

I have just found out I am pregnant ...

You must contact your Programme Director and Allocations Officer (branch specific) as this will affect where we can allocate you. We also have to inform the NHS Trust Practice Placement Managers as they will need to arrange a risk assessment for you.