Learning and teaching

Our adult nursing modules prepare students to respond to the ever-changing health needs of adult patients and healthcare service users.

Robust skills

You'll develop robust skills for recognising pathological and physiological changes, and learn the rationale and priorities for safe and appropriate nursing care.

You will also learn essential and technical skills to problem-solve and deliver best practice in nursing care for acute and long-term conditions.

What you'll experience

As a student here, you will experience a variety of learning and teaching methods that emphasise student-centred learning.

These include using active, participatory and collaborative approaches such as:

  • The Virtual Case Creator, which allows students to independently prioritise interventions for changing clinical scenarios
  • Simulated practice in a fully equipped skills suite with experienced instructors
  • Case studies and problem-based learning to develop critical thinking skills and applying information to practice situations
  • Core lectures to present essential information
  • Use of the University’s virtual learning environment, Moodle, to provide supportive resources, quizzes and a forum for online discussions.

You will learn the moral, ethical, legal and professional values that inform nursing practice, and use a recognised systematic approach to develop critical thinking, critical analysis, and the knowledge and skills required for evidence-based practice.

Your placement experience is designed to complement and enhance your classroom based sessions.

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