Chinenye Anetekhai

Chinenye Anetekhai is a registered nurse, midwife, and nurse educator. She has been a registered nurse for 14 years with vast experience in burns and wound management.

After her nursing training in Nigeria, Chinenye practised as a Nursing Officer at the regional burns and trauma centre (National Orthopaedic Hospital Enugu) from 2011 – 2016. She has had experience in managing different kinds of wounds (burns - flame, scald, chemical, friction, electrical, skin grafts and flaps, and compartment syndrome).

She also has experience in handling chronic burn injuries, Marjolin’s ulcers, Buruli ulcer, diabetic foot ulcers, venous ulcers, arterial ulcers, lymphoedema, pressure ulcers, necrotizing fasciitis, fractures, mammoplasty, amputation, scar management, hand injuries, neuropathic ulcer, skin grafts, and flaps. She continued to volunteer at the hospital because of her interest in wound healing.

While practising she consulted for the German Leprosy Relief Association Nigeria on Buruli ulcer control and management as a wound care specialist involved in the development of Buruli ulcer wound management protocol, clinical supervision, and on-site training of personnel on the management of both donor site and recipient site (B.U.) wounds as well as training of nurses and general health workers on best practices of wound care.

In 2016, she joined the prestigious University of Nigeria Nsukka, Nigeria as a medical/surgical nursing lecturer. She lectured to both undergraduate and postgraduate students in the department. She served as an examiner with the Nursing and Midwifery Council of Nigeria as well as has been involved in curriculum development in different sectors. She convened the MSc module palliative care and rehabilitation nursing while she was there.

She started at York and Scarborough Teaching Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust in May 2021 as a Band 5 registered nurse and in August 2021, barely four months, she progressed to Band 6 - practice education facilitator international nurses in August 2021, a position she held until August 2022 when she proceeded to teach as lecturer, Adult Nursing Department, Birmingham City University. Whilst at York and Scarborough Teaching Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust, she developed the skills session of the NMC new test of competence for the trust. This valuable resource was shared with other Trusts using the educator forum.

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