The Sky's the limit

Here at the School of Media, we have fantastic connections with industry as illustrated by our Sky Scholarship Scheme. The scheme allows selected students an amazing two week placement opportunity in Sky’s Content Services department, at their head offices in West London.

It’s a fantastic opportunity to gain valuable industry experience with a media industry giant with a chance to work in a variety of roles. And that’s not all, the scholarship winner also receives a £1,500 cash prize!

Student Jack Yates heard about the scholarship when he came to visit the School at an Open Day and decided he was going to grab the opportunity as soon as it came along. Not only was Jack chosen to take part in the scheme, but he won the scholarship!

We asked Jack to tell us more about his time at the School of Media and of course that all important scholarship win.

Were you aware of the Sky Scholarship Scheme before you applied?

Yes I found out about the scheme on an Open Day visit. It was finding out about this and the other opportunities available through the University that was one of the leading factors in applying.

Can you tell us more about the selection process for the scholarship?

We first had to fill out a few questions from Sky, I think answers had to be no more than 150 words. We were then shortlisted and given interviews based on our answers. Luckily I got an interview, which I didn’t expect to get, given how popular the scheme is.  

When did you get to complete your placement?

The two week placement started in the beginning of September at the Head Office in Osterley, West London. It was amazing, being able to watch the live news broadcast in the morning before I started was pretty cool.  

What did you do on your placement?

The placement was situated in Sky’s Content Services department, responsible for most content coming in and out of Sky. In the first week of the placement, we spent time within various areas of the department to shadow and learn the process. This included Quality Control (QC) and On Demand Quality Assurance (ODQA), Sky Sport’s Ingest and the Stills Department. In the second week we could choose which area(s) we wanted to spend our time in. I chose to split my week between the QC and ODQA departments as this was an area that really interested me in the first week. Everyone who mentored us and all of those in the different departments were really good to us and made us feel like part of the team.

When I did the placement last September I won the Scholarship Prize alongside another student, Siobhan, both of us receiving £1500.

Has the School helped you with industry contacts and placements since you began?

We are always inundated with emails about placements, job opportunities, events etc… which, if made use of, can be a great way into the industry. 

Do you plan to use this placement and the contacts you made to secure a job with Sky?

The prospect of employment with Sky after doing the placement scheme looks very promising. I’ve already been invited back to spend some more time in Content Services over the holidays when I am free.

What career path would you like to take upon your graduation?

I am still undecided at the minute, given the large nature of the media. However having the Sky placement has given me a sense of the type of media companies I’d like to work for.

What advice would you give to future students who are considering applying for the scheme?

Go for it and give 110%. We’re lucky as students that the University has this relationship with Sky, so it’s crucial to take advantage of the opportunity we have been given and gain as much real world experience as possible.

Dave Rooke, Head of Content Services at Sky told us his thoughts on the Scholarship Scheme and the students he has encountered so far.

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