Making Jazz 1080

I had the opportunity of creating a behind the scenes documentary for Nicholas Pillai, a researcher at BCU. He wanted to recreate a 1960s jazz TV show using the studios in the Parkside building, working alongside ex-BBC professionals.

Nikhara Korpal
BA (Hons) Media and Communication student

Image of Jazz musicians playing at Jazz 1080 show.

I found out about the Jazz 1080 project through the JobBook page, where staff post placement opportunities for students. It really stood out at the time because I had just created a live television show for one of my modules. 

Working on Jazz 1080, gave me an insight into the production of standard jazz procedures from the 1960s and 1970s and it was a unique experience working alongside ex - BBC professionals.  

Image of Jazz 1080 researcher Nicholas Pillai.

Creating a Behind the Scenes documentary for the Jazz 1080 show was challenging and exciting as it was something I had not done before.  

During the project, I was in my first year of university and James (another school of media student) was in his third-year . Together, we filmed the production process from start to finish using two Sony cameras and a Go Pro. Over the two days, we filmed lots of footage which took us around four days to edit. James and I edited the project using Premiere Pro and it was great learning from a third-year student as he had much experience in editing then I did.  

The final Jazz 1080 television show was recorded live and had an audience sitting and watching the music performance 

Reflecting back, I was really pleased with how the final video looked with both the visuals and sound. There were a few shots which were slightly out of focus, but this has given me something to work on for future projects. 

Through the project, I developed my leadership skills by arranging interviews with key members of the Jazz 1080 production. I've now also had more opportunities given to me at university due to lecturers noticing my hard work. 

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