What jobs can a Law degree get you?

Ever wondered what jobs are available to Law graduates?

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Since Law is such a varied area of study, it gives you a wide range of skills that can be applicable to thousands of jobs, even if you decide to go down a non-legal career path. But if you are determined to find your place in the legal world, we’ve compiled a list of just five roles you may want to look into further. 


The classic career choice for law graduates, solicitors advise their clients on legal matters, and can represent them in court. Becoming a solicitor requires further qualification after obtaining an undergraduate degree, but the rewards can be substantial – you have the option to go out on your own and start your own legal practice, or become an in-house solicitor for companies, organisations or governments.

You can choose to dabble in lots of different areas of law, or specialise, and can even choose to work for those who can’t afford to pay for legal representation via pro bono work and legal aid. The possibilities are endless!


Barristers are independent legal professionals who can be instructed by solicitors to advise on cases, and represent their clients in court, usually where the case in question has an increased level of complexity. Usually self-employed, although there is now a growing trend for larger national and international law firms hiring barristers to work exclusively for the firm, barristers are also often brought in when cases go to major courts of law (as opposed to smaller, local courts). Barristers also work for the Crown Prosecution Service.


Sometimes a first step for those wanting to become a solicitor, the role of a paralegal is quite varied, but most tend to work with a solicitor, assisting them with whatever legal work is needed. This could involve research, administration, and client interaction. It isn’t uncommon however for paralegals to have their own separate workload, which is a great way for them to sharpen their skills while going through further qualification.


You may have seen the phrase, “the case was settled out of court”, crop up in the media. These types of settlement are organised by an arbitrator. These independent and unbiased third parties are brought in to mediate between clients, who are often looking to avoid cases going to court for various reasons. It is a great alternative for those looking for roles outside of the traditional legal system.

Company Secretary

The main role of a Company Secretary is to ensure their business is complying with all legal requirements. Taking on a role akin to an internal auditor, they have to be knowledgeable about all relevant commercial, financial and human rights law, and then have to work in partnership with other heads of department to ensure compliance.

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