Catia Wesolowska

Catia has been a professional conservator since 1996, in both private and museum practices. She is currently working as senior conservator and Deputy Head of Conservation at The National Museum in Gdansk, Poland.

She also worked as Senior Metals Conservator for the Victoria and Albert Museum in London (2003-2009).

From 1998 to 2000, Catia worked in Buenos Aires (Argentina) as a freelance conservator; projects included collaboration in the practical conservation of polychrome and gilded pulpits, mural painting conservation and gilding conservation in various national buildings and churches, as well as a volunteer metal conservator for the Museum of Decorative Arts, Buenos Aires.

Back in the UK, work included conservation commissions for The National Trust, Crafts Council, National Portrait Gallery, Freud Museum and New College Oxford.

In 2003, Catia was invited to join the Conservation Department at the Victoria and Albert Museum. Background in Jewellery and silversmithing (Antonio Arroio Art School, Lisbon 1989-1993), combined with studies in conservation of fine metalwork (West Dean College, West Sussex 2001-2003).

This combination has always been a valuable tool throughout Catia's professional career, and she has led professional projects in countries such as UK, Taiwan, Argentina, Portugal and Poland.

Catia has learnt to understand how conservation decisions are intrinsically connected with cultural settings.

Working for museums has given Catia a different view of objects in a study collection setting; and the chance to research, analyse, discuss and share results. Working under deadlines and with a team is challenging and rewarding.

Large museums house collections from all around the world and the opportunity to work, study and care for these artefacts under one roof is an unforgettable experience. 

Areas of Expertise