Once you're here

Settling into a new way of life

Culture Shock

Moving away from the familiar surroundings of home to live and study in the UK, you may feel slightly disorientated, homesick and experience a sense of ‘culture shock’.

If you have difficulty concentrating, feel anxious, have a stomach ache or feel unusually tired – these can all be symptoms of your body and mind coming to terms with a new environment.

Don’t worry if this happens to you. We all take time to adjust to fresh surroundings and situations.

British Council guide on staying safe in the UK

Worried about settling in?

Sushant and Daniela are spending their first Christmas as students in Birmingham this year. Read their blog to see what it's like to be a BCU international student.

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Online resources

There are resources available online to help you manage – for further information see:


A voluntary organisation that helps brings international students from different universities and colleges in the UK together