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Key publications

Knowledge to Care
  • Open Lay Mindlines -  An ethnographic study of the influence of lay mindlines on eczema selfmanagement in primary care in the UK
  • Knowledge mobilisation - An exploratory qualitative interview study to confirm and envision modification of lay and practitioner eczema mindlines to improve consultation experiences and self-management in primary care in the UK
  • Practitioner mindlines - To explore how atopic eczema specific mindlines are developed by primary care practitioners.
Person-Centred Ageing
  • Jenkins, C., Feldman, G. (2018). Recognition of preclinical signs of dementia: A qualitative study exploring the experiences of family and carers and professional care assistants. Journal of Clinical Nursing 27(9-10): 1931-1940
  • Smythe, J., Galant-Miecznikowska, M., Bentham, P., Oyebode, J. (2017). A qualitative study investigating training requirements of nurses working with people with dementia in nursing homes. Nurse Education Today 50: 119-123.
  • Brooke, J.M., Ojo, O. (2019). Contemporary views on dementia as witchcraft in sub-Saharan Africa: a systematic literature review. Journal of Clinical Nursing 29(1-2): 20-30.
  • Brooke, J. (2021). Dementia in Prison: An Ethical Framework to Support Research, Practice and Prisoners. Oxon. Routledge.