BICA in the Big Apple


The Birmingham Institute of Creative Arts (BICA) recently took 80 students from eight courses on a field trip to New York City.

The itinerary included trips to museums, galleries and numerous design agencies; where students were advised on how to transition from university to working in the creative industries. Among the courses which went state side were BA Graphic Design, BA Photography, BA Illustration and MA Visual Communication.

The students visited design agencies such as Pentagram, 2x4, Clear Channel Outdoor, The Charles, and The Herb Lubalin Study Centre.

During these visits, they were given talks by the creative directors or founders of the agencies on the business side of the creative industries. They also had the opportunity to ask questions such as how to effectively develop personal skills and how to transition from university to a work environment.

As part of this trip, there was also free time in the mornings and evenings to explore the city.

Graphic Design student Frederick Fox (pictured) said: “The study visit was a fun and valuable experience. Through visiting the studios and meeting industry professionals, I gained knowledge about how to transition into the creative industries.”

Photography student Kori Thompson added: "There's no way I'd have been able to afford a trip to New York without BCU's help. I'm on benefits, my parents are on benefits, there's absolutely no way I'd get another opportunity like this. It's been incredible, so I'm glad I got the chance to go.

"Visiting so many museums and galleries, as well as the Pratt Institute, has inspired me and my work. The experience was invaluable."

Professor of Visual Communication Andrew Kulman said: "The New York field trip, in fact any field trip home or abroad, allows students the opportunity to build confidence, make connections, gain new friends across Schools and create lasting memories. A big thanks must go to the staff who organised it."

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