How to get a first in every project and why first year matters with Charnice

BA (Hons Fashion Business and Promotion graduate (and now self-confessed “professional Instagram stalker”!)  Charnice Blaize quite literally, K I L L E D  I T throughout her entire time at University.

Searlait Golby
BA (Hons) Fashion Business and Promotion

Charnice Blaize primary- how to get a first blog

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Charnice gained tons of exciting, relevant experience whilst studying at BCU, from working in the River Island head office, to interning for Tinie Tempah himself.

After finding out she has achieved a first in every single one of her projects, I had to sit down with her and ask her, how has she done it?

Charnice’s top seven tips for reaching your full potential

1. Don’t look at your peer’s work, look at years above. Your year are all in the same boat, so won’t have much to offer in comparison to those older.

2. First year DOES matter. Build yourself to a standard from the beginning. Discover your capability and push yourself even further. When idea’s come to mind for a certain project, grasp them and just do it.

Charnice Blaize 1- dissertation- how to get a first blog3. Achieving a first is nothing more than a formula – complete the brief, along with anything extra you can think of (look at older work for examples) and ensure the presentation is amazing.

4. Learn to not use cue cards in presentations. It’s more professional to know exactly what you’re talking about independently.

5. Alison will be frank about your work. Sometimes you need that. It’s much better to receive constructive criticism and know how to improve, than thinking everything’s alright when really you could’ve improved drastically.

6. When examining your work, always consider – if you weren’t writing this, would you like to read it? It’s essential your passion and personality reflects your work.

7. What you know is great but it’s WHO you know that makes the difference. You need to get over not being comfortable and get out there. Make friends, talk to people who look interesting and let people know who you are and what you do. Self-promotion is key!

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