Birmingham City University's Trends exhibition, showcased at  Interiors Birmingham at the NEC, receives significant praise for its innovation, creativity and impact, inspiring thousands of visitors with its interpretation of Global Color Mix future trends forecasts by bringing them to life through a showcase of student work.

Tektura has a wide portfolio of wall-coverings, with a range of textures, colours and finishes, providing a unique platform from which to develop innovative student designs. Its unique production process and significant expertise have allowed students to provide wall-coverings with many dimensions resulting in the creation of highly tailored textured finishes to bespoke graphics created for the trends exhibition.

The partnership with Tektura had phenomenal results, culminating in the creation of four new wall coverings in the first year. One of the feature wall-coverings, created as part of the project by BA (Hons) Textile Design (Print) Student Frances Bleksley, was the ‘Spirit’ circles wall-covering, which won the Tektura Innovation Award for Wall-covering 2010.

Angela Paterson, Product Development and Marketing Director at Tektura said: "The wall coverings have each been specifically created for this project. They blend the uniquely individual quality of our wall coverings with the creative inspiration of the Birmingham City University Students, providing a truly individual response to next year’s look. They represent part of an ongoing partnership of Birmingham City University with Tektura to explore the boundaries of what is achievable in wall-covering design".

Jaki Sultana, BA (Hons) Textile Design (Print) student developed wall-covering for the Genteel Trend pavilion which was also featured on the interiors Show VIP and International Buyers lounge. Jakia developed ideas for the Genteel trend with a focus on nostalgia and reflecting on past luxuries, which show a contemporised past.

Joanna Birch, Head of Corporate Relations, commented: "The University has a wide portfolio of expertise in the interiors industry, from our academics to the work we do with business through design knowledge network. This project highlights the benefits of industry and university-led partnerships in which the students, academics and business all benefit from each other’s skills and abilities during the collaboration."

Innovating and testing boundaries of wall-covering design reflects a core part of what Tektura offers to its clients. Working with Birmingham City University, we have had the opportunity to work with a new generation of designers to test the range of strengths that our wall-coverings offer. It’s been a dynamic process which has been testing and exciting and we have been delighted with the innovative results that have materialised.

"We find the process of working with Birmingham City University, and tomorrow's designers very fulfilling. The enthusiasm from students and tutors alike is energising, and also keeps our own design development well ahead of trends."

Angela Paterson, Product Development and Marketing Director


The partnership aims to raise the profile of the University’s design talent to the interiors industry – now in its fourth year, it has led to over 500 students engaging with industry, resulting in placements, internships and employment.

The work with Tektura has had phenomenal results, culminating in the creation of 12 new wall-coverings, four of which have featured on Tektura’s website.


  • Tektura is now a core partner at the Interiors event, where its brand and products are featured as part of the Birmingham City University stand. 
  • The partnership provides a new route to market and PR providing a vehicle to promote Tektura to an interiors-led audience.