Sheila Bennett

Senior Technician

School of Fashion and Textiles

Sheila’s specialism is Constructed Textiles; mainly weave and knit with a little rug making, crochet, felt making, spinning etc thrown into the mix.

Though a cliché, she finds natural forms fascinating, having a particular passion for (those who know her would say ‘obsession with’) shells, rocks and minerals. Their shapes, colours, textures and endless variation are an inspiration.

After graduation, Sheila started out as a maker and gallery exhibit (she worked at a loom in a showroom at a craft centre). Then, thirty-something years ago had the opportunity to join the team of staff at BCU and since that time has worked as a technician in the School of Fashion & Textiles.

Sheila’s role is to enable students to achieve their goals, with regards to constructed textiles, whether they are specialising in that subject or using it as a complement to studies in other areas.

Areas of Expertise