Dr Regina Seiwald

Regina is a post-doctoral research fellow with a passion for postmodern literature and video games, particularly for the way both create their stories and their worlds. Her work primarily focuses on how fictional universes are formed through various devices and what we can learn about the way we construct reality by looking at them. Regina published her innovative research in the form of journal articles and book chapters and presented it at numerous national and international conferences.

Regina studied at the University of Innsbruck, Austria, where she completed her MPhil. (Mag. phil.) in English Literature and Literary Theory, her MPhil. (Mag. phil.) in German Philology, and her MPhil. (Mag. phil.) in General and Applied Linguistics. She then pursued her PhD in the School of English at BCU under the supervision of Dr Derek Littlewood, Dr Tony Howe, and Dr Gemma Moss, where she researched metafiction in the postmodern British novel. She successfully passed her viva voce in April 2018.

In winter term 2010, Regina was an Erasmus-student at BCU. She has previously been a Research Assistant in corpus linguistics at the University of Innsbruck, a Lecturer in the German Department at the University of Birmingham, and a Visiting Lecturer in the School of English at BCU. She also co-organised the JG Ballard Day 2016 with Dr Thomas Knowles at BCU. Currently, she co-edits a collection of critical works on paratexts of video games with Dr Ed Vollans (Leicester University).

Current Activity