Creativity Collaboratives Billesley Primary School

Working with Billesley Primary School, the academic team will evaluate the Arts Council England Creativity Collaboratives, an initiative aimed at encouraging innovative approaches for teaching and creativity.


Research background

In October, Arts Council England announced funding of £2,780,000 to build a network of schools that will test a range of innovative approaches to teaching for creativity. The funding has been granted to eight lead schools, who will each work with a network of at least a further eight schools.

The B-MERG team have been funded to evaluate one of the creativity collaboratives in the Midlands, led by Billesley Primary School.

The programmes network of schools will test innovative practices in teaching for creativity and share learning to facilitate system-wide change. Working alongside existing school structures, teachers and educators will co-develop creative strategy and pedagogy, test out approaches to teaching and learning, and evaluate their impact on pupils, schools and communities. The focus for Billesley Primary School collaborative will be to develop a rich curriculum that links to local heritage.

Research methods

The research will employ a creative methodology to explore the perceptions of all those involved in the collaborative, including teachers, young people, cultural and heritage partners.