Rebecca Spittle

As a driven researcher in the field of Human-Computer Interaction, Becky is committed to presenting high quality, impactful work. She is currently at the early stages of studying towards a PhD, and constantly seeking opportunities to collaborate and develop as a researcher and educator, so she can enhance key skills and gain valuable experience; to pursue a career in academia.  

After completing a MSc course in User Experience Design, Becky is keen to apply her understanding of user-centred research practices in a professional context, and provide meaningful contributions, whilst working as part of the DMT Lab at BCU. She thrives off applying logical thinking and methodical approaches, to implement new concepts and solve real-world problems, and is eager to encourage design best practices; as well as forward-thinking and innovation. 

Recently, she has started demonstrating on the MSc User Experience Design course, specifically the Advanced an Immersive Technologies module, where she has had the opportunity to engage with students as a member of staff; sharing her personal knowledge, ideas, and approaches that have been generated throughout her time as a student at BCU. 

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