Research students

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  • Andreea Blaga

    Doctoral researcher

    Andreea has a strong passion for computer science, particularly human-computer Interaction. She is part of the DMT Lab at Birmingham City University and has been working on interaction in VR/MR projects within the lab for the past two years. Before starting the PhD, Andreea worked as full stack web developer. An organized...

  • Matthew Cheshire

    Doctoral researcher and Studio Manager

    Matthew is a part time PhD student in Digital Media Rechnology and full time Studio Manager who runs the recording studios in Millennium Point, used by the Sound Engineering and Music Technology Courses. He is also the winner of Bronze prize for the Audio Engineering Society Student Design Competition at the 147th Convention,...

  • Farkhandah Komal

    Doctoral researcher

    The goal of Farkhandah's research is to provide motor impaired people a web browsing environment with improved performance, usability and reduced workload so that they become more socially integrated.

  • Becky Spittle

    School of Computing and Digital Technology - CDT

    As a driven researcher and PhD student within the Digital Media Technology Lab (DMT Lab) at Birmingham City University, Becky is committed to presenting high-quality, impactful work. Her research is focused on Human-Computer Interaction (HCI), most notably how input methods can be best designed and employed for Extended...

4 items found, viewing items 1 to 4.