Visit to Bletchley Park by computing students

Bletchley Park

By Dr Daniel Doolan

On Tuesday 20 September, five bus-loads of students and academics from the School of Computing and Digital Technology went on a 75-mile trip to visit Bletchley Park as part of the Faculty’s Welcome Week activities.

We spent around four hours at Bletchley and really only managed a quick glimpse of the facility, which makes a lot of sense considering the many thousands of people who were working there throughout the war. There is just so much to see, one could easily spend two full days having a look around.

After a series of talks covering general welcome, placement opportunities and some discussion around keys and security, students had lunch in the canteen situated in Hut 4 located right next to the Mansion. They then had time for some further exploration of Bletchley Park, taking in all the various huts, cottages, garages and the museum located in Block B. Some staff and students also had the opportunity of getting in a few rounds of table tennis in the scenic grounds before climbing aboard the buses for the journey back to Birmingham.

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