Looking back on Innovation Fest 2017

This year our Innovation Festival was on Friday 26 May, but it was such an amazing day we’re still celebrating! We’ve written a little round-up in case you missed it, or if you enjoy reminiscing like we do!

Looking back on Innovation Fest 2017

For those who don’t know, the Innovation Festival is an event we hold each year for our students to come together and showcase their projects and inventions. A judging panel made up of academic staff and industry partners award the most creative, innovative, and unusual projects. The event is open to the public, so it’s a great opportunity for our students to network with each other and meet potential investors.

This year over 170 first year computing students showcased their work at the Festival, held across three floors in Millennium Point. Over 50 projects were exhibited, and categories included Transport, Living, Health, Computing, and Recreation. Robotic cars whizzed around as dashboard cams took in the action, whilst automated music systems and alarm clocks provided a soundtrack to the day.

Awards were handed out for entrepreneurialism, teamwork, health and safety, and even social media activity. The award for Third Year Inspirational Innovation Project went to Andreea Dalia Blaga, who created a 3D interactive system using Leap Motion. Her project even picked up social media interest from Leap Motion. First year project GRASP, a glove that works as a computer mouse to help people with disabilities, was featured on Made in Birmingham TV, and has since received interest from Microsoft.


We’re already planning next year’s Innovation Festival, and it’s going to be even bigger and better as more students get involved to showcase their ground-breaking innovations!

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