Humera punches through the I am BCU logo

Humera Nawaz

Learning Disability Nursing – BSc

Humera went to a different university when she was younger, but the environment wasn’t a good fit for her. After taking the time out that she needed, BCU has given her the chance to thrive in a friendly, positive environment.

“I’d been to university before, but the course and the university weren’t a good fit. It was too far away from home and it felt like an intense, high-pressure environment, which just wasn’t what I was looking for. I decided I needed a break away from the pressures of studying. After the rest I needed, I felt ready to do something new and started to look into my options through Clearing.

I didn’t have very high hopes. I thought my education journey was over as I’d already had my chance at university. Luckily, Clearing really surprised me! I felt like I had options again and that I would be able to start fresh. Clearing also introduced me to courses I hadn’t considered before. I’d previously studied Adult Nursing but decided I wanted a change of direction, so I applied for Learning Disability Nursing through Clearing.

I attended an interview and shortly after, I was offered a place! I was really excited to get started on this new chapter of my life at BCU. BCU is really local to me and easy to get to, plus I’d heard such good things about people who have studied here previously.

Learning Disability Nursing has a lot more scope than Adult Nursing and as soon as I got started, it felt right for me. I’ve been able to learn about working with both adults and children and learn lots of new skills. I really enjoy working with all ages so I’m glad I made that change to try something different.

I’ve gained so much confidence at BCU, especially from my placements. Before I came to BCU, I wasn’t motivated or a very happy person. Now, I’m a confident, chatty person and I’m determined to work hard to become a nurse. I’ve also made so many friends on my course and as part of the Islamic Society, which has pushed me to be more sociable. BCU is such a positive environment with friendly people, and I can safely say it’s made me a happier person.

People don’t really talk about Clearing or how it’s okay to go to university when you’re a mature student. I was 18 when I first went to university and now, I’m 23 and I have a better mindset. I’ve realised it wasn’t my fault that I didn’t do well in my first degree, I just wasn’t ready yet. I’m more prepared to adapt to the university lifestyle and demands of independent study and placement now.

Clearing gave me the opportunity to try something new at a university that is right for me, so I’m really glad I picked up the phone and applied.”