Malthouse Engineering: Data Analytics and Environmentally Sustainable Firm Growth

Malthouse Engineering Co. Ltd. was formed in 1947, and has grown, historically, through a series of acquisitions. It is now the UK’s largest flame cutting and Lumsden grinding group. Read below to discover more about the project they're currently working on.

Steel engineering

Malthouse Engineering Co. Ltd. was formed in 1947, and has grown, historically, through a series of acquisitions. It is now the UK’s largest flame cutting and Lumsden grinding group. Flame cutting is the process of using an ignited mixture of oxygen and a fuel gas (Acetylene or Propane) to cut through a steel plate. The company also offers Lumsden Grinding, both rotary grinding which is ideal for large areas and rings, and also reciprocating grinding, which is better suited to bar and long profiles. Malthouse supply fabricated high quality, dimensionally accurate, metal components to over 40 different industries, including EV automotive, sustainable energy and heritage rail.

This exciting collaboration, with academics in CAFÉ, is funded through the UK Government KTP programme, and utilises expertise in business growth diagnostics, econometrics and business strategy to support business and employment growth in the West Midlands. Building on the Business School’s commitment to environmentally sustainable growth (and the UN Sustainable Development Goals), the project uses state-of-the art research methods to explore new markets.

Researchers and Contributors

  • Dr Bruce Philp (Principal Investigator)
  • Muhammad Shakeel (KTP Associate)
  • Professor Alexandros Psychogios (Academic Lead)
  • Dr Deniz Yoruk
  • Dr Sepideh Zahiri
  • Dr Muhammad Akbar
  • Roy Taylor (CEO, Malthouse Engineering)
  • Paul Taylor (Director, Malthouse Engineering)

Project Details

Project Duration: September 2021 – August 2023

Research objectives

The objectives are to:

  • Systematically evaluate the performance of past acquisitions, and understand the underlying decision-making and integration processes
  • Develop a bidding and acquisition strategy with Malthouse senior management, within its more general business and marketing strategy
  • Refine the Malthouse strategy to achieve long-term sustainable growth
  • Research market opportunities in the developing fields of sustainable energy (nuclear, wind and wave power) and production (e.g. EV automotive)
  • Formulate a value proposition in these diversified markets, based on alternative growth strategies

Research Methods

For the duration of the project, project employs a KTP Associate who is seconded full-time int Malthouse Engineering. The KTP Associate – Muhammad Shakeel – has a background in business management and marketing. He has costed and procured a new water harvesting system for Malthouse Engineering (calculating cost savings and ROI) and has analysed product lines and activities to rationalise these to the most profitable. Present work involves using an econometric model to forecast the labour costs associated with different activities, and the delivery of an enhanced customer (and potential customer) database to leverage maximum returns in the environmentally-sustainable industries which Malthouse are looking to expand into.


Innovate UK, £186,000


It is anticipated that the project will deliver substantial growth in Malthouse’s portfolio of sustainable manufacturing. As CEO Roy Taylor says, “This is, without doubt, the most exciting phase of growth in Malthouse’s history. We look forward to continuing to supply our customers with steel products, manufactured in the most sustainable way possible. At the same time, we are proud to provide secure jobs for people in West Midlands manufacturing”.

News and Updates

  • 14th June, 2022. Malthouse announce plans for substantial expansion to support its drive into environmentally sustainable markets
  • 20th June, 2022. Malthouse engineering launch new website, underpinned by principles of search-engine optimisation.

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