Research project will give top Leave voting constituencies their say on government’s approach to Brexit


A unique new research project will see academics visit the UK’s 10 biggest Leave voting constituencies to find out their thoughts and feelings on the Brexit process nearly 18 months on from the landmark referendum.

Researchers from Birmingham City University’s Centre for Brexit Studies will be spending three weeks on the road to visit a range of different communities across the country and find out their views on Brexit and how the government is carrying out the process of leaving the EU.

Centre for Brexit Studies

Birmingham City University

The academics will hold public events in the 10 constituencies with the largest proportions of Leave voters, with more than 70 per cent in each voting to exit the European Union. 

The project will look back at people’s reasons for voting to Leave or Remain in the European Union, their views on how Brexit is being carried out and which outcomes they think would best meet the needs of the UK and their respective communities.

The Centre for Brexit Studies Roadshow will visit:

  •          Boston and Skegness (Monday 20 November)
  •          Great Grimsby (Tuesday 21 November)
  •          Walsall North (Friday 24 November)
  •          Stoke-on-Trent (Monday 27 November)
  •          Doncaster North (Tuesday 28 November)
  •          Kingston upon Hull (Wednesday 29 November)
  •          Castle Point, Clacton, South Basildon and East Thurrock (Friday 1 December)
  •          Great Yarmouth (Tuesday 5 December)

Professor Alex de Ruyter, Director of Birmingham City University’s Centre for Brexit Studies, said: It is now 18 months since the vote to leave the European Union and discussion around Brexit must continue to involve the electorate who will be most affected by it.

“There has so far been very little academic work to understand the views of voters, particularly those who voted Leave, so we wanted to try and plug and gap and find out exactly how those people feel about Brexit and the way it is being progressed.”

The Roadshow comes as the Centre for Brexit Studies opens applications for its Postgraduate Certificates International Trade Diploma courses aimed at equipping business leaders and policy advisors with the skills needed to negotiate deals across the globe.  

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