New publication for Business School academic


Dr Lisa Q Zhang’s first book publication, titled Retail Internationalization in China – Expansion of Foreign Retailers will be released in July 2011 by Palgrave McMillan and will be available to order from Amazon.

China is potentially the largest retail market in the world, attracting unprecedented attention from international retailers. Many experts claim that success in China not only provides access to this enormous market, but improves the capabilities of international retailers to succeed globally. Yet little research has been published on the expansion process of international retailers operating in China.

Lisa Qixun Zhang fills this gap with her case study research and the presentation of a new theoretical model focusing on retailers’ post-entry stage of internationalization. Her model provides an internationalization and future research on retailers’ performance. Based on empirical results the author also offers pragmatic advice including: -

  • Adapting to the local cultural and regulatory environment;
  • Identifying and evaluating locations for new international retailing operations;
  • Establishing a bridgehead for such operations;
  • Expansion and market development; and
  • The challenges of learning from experience.

The book represents Lisa’s current research agenda. If you are interested in research relating to this field or beyond or would like further information, please contact

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