New Liberal Democrat leader Sir Vince Cable to speak at Centre for Brexit Studies


Liberal Democrat leader Rt Hon Sir Vince Cable MP will visit Birmingham City University’s Centre for Brexit Studies in one of his first public engagements as leader of the party.

Sir Vince will speak in front of staff, students, members of the public and business leaders to outline the important decisions he believes face the UK today following its vote to leave the European Union.

Business Courses

Birmingham City University

The former Business Secretary and Strictly Come Dancing contestant was officially confirmed as Lib Dem leader on July 20, and has already highlighted Brexit as the major issue confronting the country today.

Sir Vince, due to speak from midday and engage in questions and answers from an invited audience,  will then be given a tour of the University’s facilities to learn more about how staff are training students for the workplace and helping to underpin economic growth in the West Midlands and beyond. 

His visit is the latest in a series of special guest speakers to attend the Centre for Brexit Studies and provide opinion and insight into the Brexit debate and the future of the UK’s relationship with the European Union.

Professor Alex de Ruyter, Director of Birmingham City University’s Centre for Brexit Studies, said: “Having Sir Vince visit us so soon after being named as leader, shows just how significant he considers Brexit to be and reaffirms how important it is that we have these kind of discussions about the biggest issue facing the UK today.

"The Centre was set up as a place that people could learn, research and discuss the complexities surrounding Brexit.

The Centre for Brexit Studies conducts research into Brexit and provides a platform for engagement with both ‘Leave’ and ‘Remain’ standpoints, whilst providing collaborative opportunities with businesses, professional organisations and civil society.

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