Business School Professor Launches New Book Looking at Models for Driving Growth

Chris Edger

Professor Chris Edger of the Business School has a new book out, entitled ‘Retail Area Management – Strategic and Local Models for Driving Growth’.

Continuing his series of books on multi-site service leadership and branding (encompassing seven books so far), Professor Edger outlines 75 key business models that multi-site service leaders can utilise to optimise performance.

Commenting on its launch, Professor Edger said "Over the past six years the Academy of Multi-Unit Leadership at Birmingham City Business School has established itself as the leader in the instruction and education of multi-site service managers in the UK. To date, over 500 corporate students have graduated from its programmes – with 10 programmes currently in-flight, involving some of the UK’s largest hotel, pub restaurant and builders merchanting companies."

Here is the book description:

Calling all Area Managers, Operations Managers and Multi-Unit Managers! Tired of reading tedious, long-winded books in order to glean a few miserable insights? This book is the answer.

Based entirely upon key strategic and local MODELS that help illuminate and explain the world of Retail Management, this book acts as a quick and easy reference guide to improve managers performance.

With 75 key MODELS grouped around four key themes Environment, Engage, Execute and Evolve managers can dip in and out to use models to grow themselves and their district.

Already trialled and proof-tested by hundreds of Area Managers who have graduated from the Academy of Multi-Unit Leadership at Birmingham University this book written by the UK s leading authority on multi-site management, Professor Chris Edger is the essential companion for every ambitious Area Manager. Want to get better and get on? Get this!

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