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The world of finance is constantly changing. Advances in finance technology, referred to as FinTech, and the ever increasing interconnectivity of international business means that the industry is always in need of new specialists with creative ideas.

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To make sure we are always keeping up with industry demands, Birmingham City Business School is launching four new postgraduate finance degrees in September 2021, to complement our existing MSc Finance and Investment course. Below, we break down each course to show you how it can get you ready for the working world.


Our MSc Finance degree represents an ideal choice if you wish to pursue a career in financial institutions, private equity or corporate financial management. The course is designed to ensure you gain a well-balanced understanding of modern finance theories and apply your knowledge to practical case studies throughout your learning journey. 

You will gain a strong command of analytical techniques, computing and research methods for problem solving and develop confidence in the use and presentation of finance arguments in your professional role.

International Finance

The MSc International Finance course aims to provide you with a comprehensive program of study of international finance, providing you with the knowledge and professional skills to develop a career in banking or another financial institution dealing with international operations.

You will develop a broad vision and understanding of the changing role and nature of finance within the context of a global marketplace. You will become competent in dealing with international investment and financing transactions, international payments and exchange rates. In addition to traditional areas of international finance, the course will provide skills in areas including responses to international financial crises and cryptocurrencies.

This degree is also available as an online only course, allowing you to study a UK degree from anywhere in the world, at a time that suits you.

Islamic Finance

Our MSc Islamic Finance degree meets the current demand for specialist knowledge and skills in a rapidly expanding field.

The course provides you with the opportunity to explore the philosophical foundation of Islamic finance and the legal framework for Islamic financial institutions. It discusses the basic and advanced theories underlying Islamic financial institutions.

This course is critical in establishing the overall parameters of Islamic finance, offering a practical approach to the workings of the current Islamic financial practices in the banking industry in addition to Non-Government Organisations (NGOs). Also, this course encourages you to understand the connection between the theory of Islamic finance and the real world applications of the Islamic banking and Faith based NGOs.

Banking and Finance

On our MSc Banking and Finance course, you will learn how to analyse risk and make credit decisions, how to deal with small and large business firms, and how to manage bank treasury operations.

In addition to traditional banking skills, the course will provide skills in areas, which have become very popular in recent years, such as digital banking, cryptocurrencies, and initial coin offerings. Our modules and assessments will be based on real-life case studies and exercises, and staff involved in designing this course have significant practical experience of working in these areas.

Finance and Investment

Alongside our new Finance courses, we have also updated our existing MSc Finance and Investment course, which will equip you with the knowledge, skills and abilities required to start a graduate level career and make a difference in the industry.

As the investment professionals of the future, you will gain knowledge as well as the essential soft skills like adaptability and lifelong learning skills. While you progress throughout the course, you will become more effective and creative in problem solving. You will develop ways of analyzing and thinking about investments that will remain with you in the years ahead when new and different investment opportunities become available.

All of our Finance courses offer you access to our industry-standard City Trading Room, and our staff have years of real world experience to draw upon. Find out more about our Postgraduate Finance degrees.

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