Academic Spotlight: Shaista Mukadam

Senior lecturer, Shaista Mukadam, has been teaching at the University for the last 16 years. We caught up with Shaista about her career so far, what a degree in Accounting and Finance is like and advice she has for aspiring finance professionals. In December 2021, Shaista was presented with Womani Award for 2021 by Cambridge International Financial Advisory. Shaista was named in the top 50 influential women in Islamic Business & Finance.

What do you do at BCU and how long have you been part of the University?

I have been working at the University for the last 16 years, the first four as a visiting lecturer and then as a full-time lecturer. I have been researching and teaching Islamic finance in my time here. 

Could you tell us about your experience and how this feeds into your teaching?

My passion for the subjects I teach and my enthusiasm for the wellbeing of my students keeps me on my toes to be updated on topical events as well as increasing the employability skills of my students. I am a qualified chartered accountant as well as having completed my PGCE in Education. My experience in working in industry and being a trustee of a charity feeds into my teaching with real-world examples.

What are some of the greatest achievements you have accomplished at BCU?

Sitting on the stage watching my students accomplish their degree is the greatest achievement. Being a good personal tutor and a course leader in charge of placements and then to see these students achieve their goals with a good graduate job is wonderful. I have successfully mentored new staff who have joined, trained and worked with other staff in professional services departments and been part of working groups and committees where my input has been realised in tangible changes for the betterment of staff and students.

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What makes the courses you teach on distinct and what is the learning environment like?

The Islamic Finance module at Level 6 is one of a kind and exposes students to a new way of thinking about finance and offers them an alternative career in a growing, exciting and global field. The learning environment is recent, based on real-world examples with physical trips, experts from the field talking to them and students researching and appreciating the differences between conventional and Islamic finance.

Why do you think Birmingham is a good place to study?

Birmingham is a vibrant, multi-cultural city which is friendly, cheap for students to live in and has a good mix of places for them to relax and have fun too.

What can students do to help prepare them for the courses you teach?

Follow the Business news on BBC, Bloomberg and read the Financial Times.

What’s your favourite thing about working at the University?

The colleagues I work with and the tenacious students who despite challenging personal situations give the University experience a good shot and accomplish their goals.

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