Dr Hakeem Ajonbadi

Dr Hakeem studied and lectured in Nigeria, Belgium, the United Arab Emirates and the United Kingdom. His work experiences are deeply rooted in academics. Still, he has also consulted for many private and public sectors on Human Resource Management, Entrepreneurship Development, Business analytics, and Tax matters.

Dr Hakeem is interested in descriptive, intervention research studies conducted in the real world of behavioural, social and management sciences. Over the last two decades, he has published four textbooks and over fifty peer-reviewed articles and participated in over one hundred conferences (including invited and peer-reviewed oral presentations, keynotes speakership, guest speakership and panel discussions) on different management topics.  His research utilises both qualitative and quantitative methods. He believes his record of peer-reviewed publications and professional conference presentations demonstrates his skills as a management scientist who clearly understands organisational behaviour and human resource management.

He consolidated on an established entrepreneurship programme and managed a Centre for Entrepreneurship as the director. His current and future plans are to secure funding for a substantial multi-year intervention to address the challenges of labour market segmentation, workload and work-life balance, organisational flexibility and social relations of production, especially in emerging economies. He is also keenly interested in building and maintaining collaborative relationships between academics representing multiple disciplines and other professionals within the spheres of management sciences. 

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