Ben Neal

One of our ACE funded Maker Monday artists, Ben Neal, is developing a prototype - The Swoompipe - A MIDI bagpipe that can be squeezed with protruding branches and a breath sensitive mouthpiece. This musical device can be used in a live performance and is compelling as a sculpture in itself. As with all his other instruments to date, Ben would love to make the Swoompipe even more unusual in its visual appearance and interface.

Ben has currently developed his first electrical prototype and has been actively working on different 3D concept designs. He is currently working on various methods for the serpentine elements of the design (i.e. fibre glass). 

Ben ran a workshop at 'mac Birmingham' before Christmas, where participants were allowed to create a selection of “scrap bagpipes”, and took inspiration from their input to develop his ideas further. Ben has been updating a blog on all this work, follow the story here.

Music video by Ben from his 'Music Video art workshop'.

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