Exploring the application of property level flood risk adaptation

This project aims to examine the applications of property level flood risk adaption in homes and businesses in the UK, and to inform flood risk and prevention policy.

Property level flooding large


Research background

Flood risk in the UK has become severe and more frequent. The impacts of flooding on businesses include financial damages, business interruption and ultimately business failure. While some commercial properties have developed a level of resilience through protection and adaptation, a majority have inadequate or lack any level of resilience to flooding. The concept of property level flood risk adaptation (PLFRA) would, therefore, seem the right course of consideration. However, previously, studies on PLFRA measures have only concentrated on residential properties.

Research aims

This exploratory research aims to investigate the application of PLFRA measures to commercial buildings. Different types of commercial properties (such as office, retail and industrial) will be selected, examining their flood history and experience, recovery process, the availability of suitable technical interventions and, importantly, the views of the key stakeholders. The findings from this research will help to inform future flood risk policy towards the protection of commercial properties. It would also provide useful guidance to commercial property owners on how to improve their flood resilience.

Research method(s)

A mixed research approach will be adopted through the use of a nationwide questionnaire survey of commercial property owners and through the examination of four-to-six detailed case studies of commercial properties.


Are you a business owner? We would like to invite you to participate a short questionnaire survey (no more than 15 minutes) on the application of property flood resilience (PFR) measures for commercial buildings. To start the survey, please click here.

Proposed impact

This research will seek to establish how PFLRA measures might be used to help improve the resilience of commercial properties to flooding. It will help to inform future UK flood risk policy and strategy and provide an unique insight and guidance to commercial property owners and surveyors worldwide on how to use PLFRA measures to improve the resilience of their premises.