Heba Iskandarani

"A PhD researcher in planning at the school of Built Environment at Birmingham City University, my research focus is in post-conflict reconstruction of the Middle East specifically housing projects.

"The purpose that drove me to pursue this field is to fix the emergence of slums and unsanitary camps that the displaced populations are forced to live in. I earned a post-graduate degree (MSc) in project management from the University of Birmingham, United Kingdom.

"I pursued my Master’s degree to constantly grow and innovate in my field of studies thus, to enhance and deepen my management skills. The correlation of management alongside with my design skills obtained through my undergraduate degree in architecture (B.ARCH) from the American University in Dubai provided me with a strong analytical yet creative outlook to further develop my professional career.

"My dream to success drives me to take risks in order to explore my growing potential and create a positive change to this world in any aspect possible."

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