Built environment students see Health and Safety in practice

Peter Robinson, the Health and Safety Manager for Millennium Point

Extra drama was added to a recent lecture for final year HNC Construction students when the external speaker nearly didn’t manage to arrive at the class. 

HNC Construction

Birmingham City University

The students were looking forward to welcoming Peter Robinson, the Health and Safety Manager for Millennium Point, for a Health and Safety lecture. Moments before he was due to attend, a fire alarm was set off by accident in Millennium Point and the students were able to watch as Peter and the security team put actual Health and Safety for the building into practice from the window of their classroom!

The visit was arranged by the BSc Building Surveying Programme Leader, Emma Love, to help her students get first-hand experience of some of the difficulties which are faced in managing multi-use buildings. They didn’t expect that the experience would be quite so direct!

Once he did arrive, Peter was able to give students much to think about in terms of how the Health and Safety industry has changed over the recent years. Peter has worked for many years within the Health and Safety discipline and students enjoyed hearing about his experiences first-hand.

The talk is part of the Faculty’s continued focus on working with industry and building external contacts to bring the workplace into the classroom, and help prepare students life after graduation.

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