What is it like to study a Master's in Construction?

Choosing to study a postgraduate degree has many benefits such increasing your employment prospects and helping you become more specialist within your field of interest. Plus, it’s a great opportunity to pursue your real passion. 

We spoke with MSc Construction Project Management student, Abbi Smith, who decided to return to her home city to study a postgraduate degree. We asked Abbi why she chose to study with us, what she’s done since graduating and what advice she has for those considering studying a Master's in Construction.

Why did you decide to study a postgraduate degree?

I live in Birmingham and I love my city. I had already experienced studying outside of Birmingham for my undergraduate, so I decided to stay home and be more focused for my Construction Project Management course. The reviews of the course were really positive, which helped me choose BCU.

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What was the most exciting element of your course?

Every week on the course there was a new topic, each relating to an element of our coursework. The majority of the modules reflected real-life scenarios that would actually happen in the construction industry.

How did your postgraduate degree differ from your undergraduate degree?

I’ve always had an interest in construction. My first degree was in Architecture, and after my undergraduate I secured an internship as an Architectural Assistant. Throughout this period I engaged in meetings with other architects, project managers and so on, which helped me realise how much I enjoyed working with project managers.

 What are your plans now you’ve completed your postgraduate studies?

The people I met on my course were already in employment and one of them recommended me to their company, Willmott Dixon. I undertook a few interviews and assessment days with them, and secured a role at the company for when I graduated. My long term goal is to become a highly successful design manager in the construction industry and at present, I am a Trainee Design Manager at Willmott Dixon.

What would your advice be for those considering studying a postgraduate degree in the Built Environment?

Time management is everything on this course – I’d advise anyone to keep on top of your work from the beginning, and as soon as you realise you don’t understand something, speak to your tutor about it. As long as you put the effort in, staff are more than willing to support you with your coursework too. I found feedback was very critical but this made it more useful and helped me improve.

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