Signify: Philips Lighting

BA (Hons) Product and Furniture Design students were tasked with a live brief involving Signify and Philips lighting. Philips Lighting are one of the worlds most recognised companies and are at the forefront of lighting technologyis a tributary of Philips Lighting which focuses on larger scale lighting implementation and development, utilising cutting edge technology.

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Based on the technological advancements in lighting, there is a clear opportunity to explore and innovate what lighting can do and/or be, not only now but in the future.Lighting not only provides the means to allow us to see when natural light fades but can now connect us to the internet via LiFi. Even the humble lamppost is now a hub for 5G connectivity and can incorporate interactive signage, which can show traffic conditions, air quality, local event advertisements etc.

There is also the current focus on lighting and human ‘well-being’, with lighting products being placed in environments such as offices, hospitals, and universities.

The advancement in LED lighting technology also provides the opportunity for plant and food growth, which enables vertical farming methods in interior spaces.

Project Brief

Students were tasked with developing and designing innovative lighting concepts that utilized cutting edge lighting technologies, which have been developed by Signify (formerly Philips Lighting).

Students were asked to consider the following opportunities within the lighting sector:

  • Well-being
  • Plant and food growth
  • Technology enhanced lighting for co-working / office / home environments.
  • Utilisation of Li-Fi technology
  • Interactive lighting concepts

Further Context

During the project the Coronavirus pandemic became a significant factor. It affected delivery and the level of three-dimensional output that could be achieved due to lockdown and non-existent access to workshop facilities within the Parkside Building.

This posed challenges but also opportunities to approach the industry project differently. Students needed to be much more independent and find ways in which to utilise materials readily available at home.

Project Outcomes

Students produced design concepts by mainly utilising SolidWorks due to lockdown restrictions and inaccessibility to campus facilities. However, students were supported by Tutors throughout the project and produced high quality concepts. This would not have been achievable without three-dimensional visualisation software.

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