Jieling Xiao

Jieling Xiao Profile

Senior Lecturer in Environmental Design

Birmingham School of Architecture and Design
0121 331 5984

Jieling teaches Environmental Design at the Birmingham School of Architecture. She completed her B.Arch in Architecture at Wuhan University of Technology in China and holds an MArch degree in Urban Design from University College London. Jieling’s Ph.D explored smellscapes in intermodal transit spaces in the UK and China from a cross-cultural perspective, awarded by Urban Studies and Planning Department, University of Sheffield.

Her research on sensory design and urbanism has been widely published and presented at international conferences. For example, 2017 London Architecture Festival, 2016 Sensory design symposium at ARCC network event, 2018 Way-finding Symposium by Sign Design Society.

As an environmental specialist, Jieling believes that designers need to consider more than just how the hardware of architecture functions for its users. Her research interests lie in theories and creative practises of place-making and environmental design that interprets and plays with people’s sensory experiences, particularly in relation to soundscape and smellscape. Alongside teaching, Jieling is also one of the Research Degree Coordinators for Art, Design and Media faculty at BCU.

Areas of Expertise