University to transform Library of Birmingham into Gothic spectacle


The UK's obsession with Goth culture is the inspiration behind a new exhibition curated by Birmingham City University, taking place this month.

Held at the Library of Birmingham the 'Gothic in Birmingham' exhibition will play host to a range of talks and displays to guide the public through the realms of gothic culture, including fashion, architecture, literature and photography.

Dr Serena Trowbridge, event organiser and English lecturer from Birmingham City University, said: "The popularity of Gothic never seems to fade because it's so culturally adaptable. It has continuously changed over the centuries to reflect the secret anxieties of society – the things we daren't talk about.

Gothic in Birmingham
7 April - 2 May

Exhibition and Conference

Literature, film, architecture, art, and Goth culture. Gothic in Birmingham event details

Curated by Grace Williams, an art PhD student at Birmingham City University, the exhibition will feature work from students including bodies falling in the darkness, prisoners kneeling for mercy and bowls of fruit turning sour with time.

The exhibition helps to mark 250 years of Gothic literature and will take place at the Library of Birmingham until 2 May 2015.

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