Cathy Wade

Cathy wade profile- SWOP SHOP 2018

Programme Leader for MA (Hons) Art and Education Practices 

What was the inspiration behind your work?

For this iteration of the project, I wanted to make inserts for the publication "The Gaps Inbetween taken" that were taken from and informed by the swaps made in Tate Liverpool. The exchanges spoke to me of both home comforts and explorations of raw urban space. They have been used to add in additional textures and moods, placed within each publication, making a unique addition to each of the artists' books.

The publication developed research on the legacies of the inner ring road and built-environment of Birmingham. The text is a partial transcription of dialogues in Heather Powell’s film 1988 in which the architecture of Birmingham is critiqued for its privileging of the car over the human body. Images within publication are taken from ongoing documentation of encounters within the city and its continuous flux and upheaval.  I am drawn to how the walking of the city is still undescribed for women. Our routes remain altered and curtailed in our daily journeys, this work examines how we shift this axis and claim a space.

What was it about the SWOP SHOP that interested you and enticed you to take part?

Swop Shop is an opportunity to make the contemporary arts accessible and active. It’s a gamble on both sides. I am interested in the challenge that it brings and will be making the maximum amount of objects so that there are as many chances as possible for exchanges to take place.